Evaluation & Promotion

The evaluation is conducted on a continuous and comprehensive basis and a detailed report is prepared at the end of each term.

  • For  Classes I to V
  • The academic year will be divided into 4 terms.
  • Students’ performance shall be evaluated on the basis of the assessments.

Marks will be converted into grades & remarks.
For Classes VI to VIII
CBSE has introduced the scheme of continuous and comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) in all schools. Assessment will be based on written as well as oral tests. If would also include evaluation of projects/ activities/ quizzes / assignments / class-work/ home-work etc.
Promotion will be based on the day work and conduct of the students throughout the year  and also on the performance in the terminal Examination. The student shall be marked/ graded according to his/her performance in the assessments.
Evaluation of Academic Subjects in class VI – VIII
            Term 1                                                                                                       Term 2
April – September                                                                                  October – March
F A 1           10%                                                                                        F A 3           10%
F A 2           10%                                                                                        F A 4           10%
S A 1           20%                                                                                        S A 2           40%
Formative Assessment    F A                                                                 1+2+3+4 = 40%
Summative Assessment   S A                                                                 1+2=60%

Parents are informed about student’s progress regularly via Parent-Teacher meetings.